I own a BC-1... awesome comp. My go-to Buss comp. Kills everything else that I have tried. Thanks,
John Kerns, Austrailia

"The TK BC-1 has now become my first choice when I want compression on the stereo mix buss.  "I love the sound, and really like the "Blend" control"
Terry Manning, Nassau, Bahamas. Shakira, Lenny Kravitz, Shania Twain, Norah Jones, Boz Scaggs...

"I've been using the TK BC1 as my main drum compression on recent mixes I've done for Eric Clapton, Nikka Costa and Sheryl Crow. The mix control is the key.From letting the signal breath or to slamming it to the wall it still allows the original transients and character of the sound to be heard. It's also a great stereo buss compressor. So now I need to buy another one! Another winner from Thomas Kristiansson."
Justin Stanley, USA. Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Beck, Nikka Costa, Mark Ronson, The Vines, Baby Animals..

The first BC1 that was built left the building together with songwriter Jonas Quant ( Kylie Minogue among others )
"Absolutely fantastic!!!!! really punchy!!"
Jonas Quant, Sweden

"The BC1 is literally amazing! I am stunned... HUGE sound, so punchy, so gluey... anyway, I'm totally stoked. It is just what this mix needed :)"
Tre Sheppard, UK / Onehundredhours

"The BC1 is sensational!!!! BC1 is doing magic to kick and snare/clap inside a mix, without changing the character of the mix itself."
Home Music, Georg O Luksch, Vienna

I used my new BC1-S for mixing and now I get the hype about it. I´ve tried using my other compressors but no one came even close to the BC1-S when using it on the masterbus. The sound got more bombastic and glued together. Big thanks for a magic box.
Tobbe @ Boost Studio-Sweden